In an evil twist of fate, an evil wizard has once again escaped death and returned to torment the magical and non-magical worlds alike. You and your wizard cohort find yourself trapped within the castle walls—with only an hour to spare before the Evil Wizard lets loose his curse on you unlucky lot. In order to escape from the Evil Wizard’s clutches, you must find the six cursed objects hidden within the castle. The evil wizard greatly fears their destruction, find them quickly and you may yet escape! Your former Headmaster has left clues in and around the castle grounds to help you locate each cursed object. 

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Difficulty Rating 6/10



Your closest Escape Room Location in Phoenix Arizona!  If you live in Scottsdale, Mesa, Chandler, Tempe, Phoenix, Gilbert, or surrounding areas don’t miss out on the #1 Escape Room Experience in Arizona!

Wizard Hysteria Escape Room

Are you a big fan of the Harry Potter Series?  Then Alcatraz Escape Games has the escape room for you! Book your next wizard adventure today with Alcatraz Escape Games In Tempe Arizona!

Family Friendly Escape Room

Our Escape Rooms are built not only for their, fun exciting, studio production rooms, but also how great they are for friends and families to enjoy as an evening out or weekend escape.

Kids can have fun in our escape rooms as well! In fact, at Alcatraz Escape Games kids are often awesome at solving puzzles, completing tasks, and having full and total uninhibited fun.

Alcatraz Escape Games is a complete experience of fun, laughter, and fast-paced problem-solving. Each game lasts around 60 minutes and gives both families and friends a timed experience to go through one puzzle, riddle, clue, or hint to figure out a way to break out of the room before the time runs out!

Don’t wait, book Wizard Hysteria today for family and friends!

Perfect Night Out Escape Room

Let’s face it, date nights, girls nights, and friends nights have gotten somewhat boring! Movies and dinners are great, but if you are really looking to change things up.  Our escape rooms will give you a night you won’t forget! Whether it’s a first date,  a weekly ritual for long-term couples, or BFF’s! Our escape rooms will bring a new excitement into relationship or friendship! Visit Alcatraz Escape Games in Tempe for the perfect night out! 

An escape room by Alcatraz Escape Games takes partners out of their comfort zones and into a role-playing experience that encourages a collective problem-solving game that helps build communication. They also offer amazing photo opportunities that are perfect insta shots!

Book your next night out with Alcatraz Escape Games in Tempe Arizona!

Corporate & Team Events Escape Rooms

The popularity of escape rooms is largely based on teamwork. Oftentimes, companies will rent out a room in order to test the problem-solving skills and collaborative capabilities of their teams. 

Team building plays a critical role in a company or management team, and what better way to build team morale than a fun, outside the box activity at Alcatraz Escape Games?

Successfully beating an escape room clock is about group work. So, managers use the rooms to observe their staff in real-time. 

By placing employees in a high-pressure environment where they must rely on each other to succeed, the result is a cohesive team that works together with more effectiveness. When you escape one of our rooms, you’ll find that communication and teamwork happen naturally within the group.

Our clients say

"The absolute most fun I’ve had in a large group setting and the perfect way to bond with my girls! We had so much fun solving all the puzzles, riddles and screaming when we found more clues and got closer to escaping plus it was the perfect way to get off our phones, truly connect and have real genuine fun! I can’t wait to come back and see all their new rooms!"
Nicole Justine Smith
Miss Arizona USA 2018
"Wow! Just Wow. Jordan is a really awesome guys who takes pride in the building of his rooms, the cleverness of the puzzles and even more so the task of making sure everyone is having a good time! We hit up the Wizard Hysteria room which was so detailed and impressively accurate! So many “magical” moments (pun intended). We loved it so much we had to come back the next night to try the Live Zombie Room! I absolutely recommend this to the new adventurer and experienced escape Addict alike. 10 Out of 10 and I can’t wait to see what’s in store around the corner with their new rooms."
Jose "From On Your Feet!" Broadway Musical
"I took my kids and their friends, who are huge magic fans to the WIzard Hysteria room and they had a blast. The detail in the room, first of all, was truly transformed into a castle and the attention to detail.. down to hiding any and all things that would pull you out of the magic was excellent. That staff was incredible.. The Game was fun and went by quick. .with just the right amount of clues. These guys do the ESCAPE ROOM immersion better than anyone else."
Host of Johnjay and Rich Morning Show
"My friends and family’s first time doing an escape room was at Alcatraz Escape Games. Let’s just say we are now HOOKED! Even though we didn’t make it out of the Zombie Panic room, we had an hour full of laughing, anxiety, trying to figure out clues, and FUN! We can proudly say we returned a second time to CONQUER the Wizard Hysteria room with The Moring Mess crew. We laughed so hard and afterward there were a lot of high-fives and team work. I CANNOT wait for their 3rd room to be finished so we can return. This was definitely a HIGHLIGHT of 2018!"
Joey Boy
Host of The Morning Mess (101.5)