Why You Should Do a Family Escape Room

With busy work schedules and hard-to-keep-up-with social lives, it’s hard to etch some time in the week to actively bond with your family. It is even harder to find an activity that all family members, young and old, will enjoy without hesitance. This is where Alcatraz Escape Games comes in! Family escape rooms are a great way to bring traditional game nights to the next level. But more than helping families find some weekend entertainment, escape rooms also help family members bond and hone in their team-building skills. Here are some unique ways that a family escape room can help bring your family together:

#1 Family Escape Rooms Require Full Attention

Unlike movie nights and board game nights, escape rooms require the player’s full attention. While children can get bored and easily distracted by the environment around them (like tablets and cellphones) while playing board games or watching a movie, escape rooms are an immersive experience that forces players to be present. In our escape rooms, you’ll be too busy making observations and solving puzzles as a team to get distracted by exterior forces!

#2 Escape Rooms Force Communication

As parents, it can be difficult to communicate with your children effectively. From intergenerational differences to the complexity of parent-child relationships, finding a way to talk is a challenge. Escape rooms are a great way to communicate as a family, as they require full cooperation and clear communication in order to complete them. According to Psychology Today, one strategy for reaching teens is to give them a chance to solve problems. An escape room functions as a shared problem to solve together, giving parents the opportunity to demonstrate to their teens that they hear them and value their input.

#3 Escape Rooms Provide Quality Time for Families

According to sociologists, quality time spent together is better than quantity. Escape room experiences help create true connections between family members that allow them to create more meaningful relationships. Why is it a valuable time? Because you spend the time by communicating with each other and solving problems together all while working towards the same goal. Instead of competing with each other during a board game night, your family is too busy being in the same team and cooperating!

#4 Create Beautiful Family Memories

Finally, escape rooms are a great way for the whole family to have fun together, no matter the age. Spend an entire day solving puzzles and creating lasting memories. Gather up the whole family, put your heads together and enjoy a fun day in the escape room. These are the types of experiences that you and your family will cherish for years to come!

The bottom line is that an escape room has the potential to be a great time for all ages in the family, no matter what their separate interests might be. The bonding experience escape rooms provide is unmatched. You might even notice a positive difference in how your family communicates with each other after visiting Alcatraz Escape Games for the first time! So, what are you waiting for? Book your escape room today to give your family the adventure of a lifetime!

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