Top 4 Reasons to Do an Escape Room

Does locking people in rooms for fun puzzle you? 

Contrary to most people’s initial reaction, escape rooms are an incredibly fun and exciting activity to do as a group! 

This unique gaming experience offers friends and family alike an opportunity to work together, bond, and beat a challenge head-on. However, if you still have your doubts, here are 4 reasons why you should do an escape room:

1. It poses a challenge

From bowling to going out to the theater, nothing will challenge you the way an escape room can. Every puzzle and clue will force you to think outside of the box since nothing is what you would expect it to be. Participating in an escape room invites ingenuity and creativity, and gives you an excuse to jump out of your comfort zone and try something new for a change. While hitting a strike in bowling comes with its own sense of accomplishment, no activity poses such a rewarding challenge as an escape room, especially because you can share the success of escaping with family and friends!

2. Food for your brain

You’ve probably already heard that jigsaw puzzles, word searches, as well as sudoku puzzles are great mental exercises that can aid your memory. Well, escape rooms are no different except for the fact that you get to experience multiple interconnected puzzles at the same time. Solving puzzles also accelerates ingenuity in our thinking because if one solution to the puzzle doesn’t work, then one must create a new solution. Want to learn more about the ways escape rooms can benefit your mental health? Read our blog, “4 Ways Escape Rooms Enhance Your Mental Health”!

3. Team building at its finest

What could be a better way to get people to work together than to lock them in a room when it’s nearly impossible to get out by yourself? An escape room is a great place to push a team to communicate, problem-solve, and succeed together. Think about it, an escape room is basically a place where you’re no longer working against the other players but working with them to achieve a common goal! 

4. Perfect for family bonding

Escape rooms are a great opportunity to bring the family together. For at least an hour, you don’t have kids (or sometimes parents) checking Instagram or playing mobile games. Instead, you get an hour of uninterrupted fun in which everyone is talking and working together. Children from ages 12 and up can participate, making escape rooms the perfect activity for families with younger teens who are hunting for new and exciting experiences to share as a family!

If you’re itching to take on the challenge, check Alcatraz Escape Games out! Our escape rooms in Tempe, Arizona might just become your next favorite hobby! 

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