Top 3 Benefits of Escape Room Team Building

Let’s get real, the 9-5 grind can get monotonous in a heartbeat, and it is no secret that coming up with valuable team-building activities to fix this problem is…headache-inducing. It’s time for your team to experience a fun team-building activity that doesn’t feel like a team-building activity but works like one! Bring your team together and help them create meaningful connections with the help of Alcatraz Escape Games in Phoenix, Arizona. Here are three ways that escape room team-building can benefit your workplace:

1. Escape Rooms Sharpen Workplace Awareness

An escape room naturally encourages a team to collaborate, and when groups learn to collaborate, they maintain workspace awareness. What is workplace awareness? The knowledge co-workers have of each other’s interactions and activities in the workspace. Put simply, it’s like hitting the work team jackpot! Teams with this ability will coordinate actions with collaborators, anticipate the actions of others, discuss tasks, find opportunities to help one another, and move into and out of closely-knit group work. In any other environment, teaching this skill might seem dull and tiresome, but an escape room helps teams learn this instinctively as they are moving throughout the escape room’s exciting challenges!

2. The Challenge Forces Verbal Communication

Who would’ve known that being stuck inside a room while trying to find your way out encourages people to talk with each other more than in the workplace? The most common way that team members stay aware of what others are doing when trying to escape a room is through verbal communication. Players often shout across the room to get a response from a team member or to form an agreement to ask for a hint. The time pressure of the room tends to cause people to “not hold back,” encouraging otherwise quiet and shy team members to say what they are thinking more than they do in the normal workplace. It is the challenge of the escape room that motivates the whole team to break out of their shell!

3. A Common Goal Creates a Shared Mindset

When teams work closely together in an escape room, they begin sharing a similar idea or mindset of what needs to be done to complete the puzzles and challenges. It is this shared goal of “escaping” that helps teams be on the same page without all the head-butting they would normally face in a common working environment. The simple nature of the challenge they are facing together allows them to simplify their own interactions and work as a unit rather than individually. Coincidentally, teams with a shared mindset are likely to work better together because they will be in synchronization more!

The phrase “A good team is like a well-oiled machine” can soon be a reality for your workplace! An escape room makes the perfect team-building activity for a more comfortable and successful working environment for any company, large or small. Are you ready to improve your team’s collaborative style, communication skills, and joint mindset? Check out some of our most popular escape rooms that will help your team operate as a true, cohesive unit!

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