The Best Escape Rooms in Tempe AZ

If you are looking to find an exciting escape room challenge near Tempe, Arizona, then you should head on over to Alcatraz Escape Games! Our escape rooms were created to provide a unique adventure for players who want to experience something new and different. We stand out because of our premium, high-end production rooms that place you right in the middle of the mystery. If you are considering visiting an escape room any time soon, here is why Alcatraz Escape Games is the best escape room in Tempe, AZ!

Alcatraz Escape Games Redefines “The Box”

Escape rooms have been developing in ways far deeper than just quantity. So much so that there are even generations in place to denominate them! Alcatraz Escape Games is considered a Generation 3 escape room, with its programmed rooms featuring sensors, lasers, and other interactive elements it means more immersive design, better safety measures, and more interactive puzzles!

The Only Escape Room with Live Actors in Tempe AZ!

If you’ve never been to an escape room with live actors before, it’s easy to dismiss the impact they have on your escape room experience. Devoted fans, however, know that live actors bring quest puzzles to life. Although some people might think live actors limit their experience in an escape room, players who have actually encountered live actors know that they make puzzles more challenging (in a good way!), make social puzzles possible, and help with the pace of the group.

Each Escape Room Has an Immersive Story

From beating an evil wizard in Wizard Hysteria to fleeing the electric chair in The Row or outwitting zombies in Zombie Panic, there is no lack of story-building at Alcatraz Escape Games! In just 60 minutes, players experience and escape a different world than the one they entered. Alcatraz Escape Games’ fully immersive adventures place you right in the middle of the mystery; challenging you and your team to solve puzzles, riddles, and other hidden games that will help you defeat the room and grow your team building skills.

Let’s get real, date nights, girl night outs, and friend nights have gotten somewhat boring! Movies and dinners are great, but if you are really looking to mix things up, our escape rooms will give you a night you won’t forget! Whether it’s a first date, a weekly ritual for long-term couples, or BFF’s! Our escape rooms will bring new excitement into all relationships or friendships! Book an escape room at Alcatraz Escape Games in Tempe for the perfect night out! 

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