Date Night During Covid 19

Escape rooms are a ton of fun! The variety of puzzles and the intricate theming elevates our rooms to look, feel, and act as a movie production set. A lot of planning has gone into the technology and design of our escape rooms, which create a unique experience. An experience that can’t be matched by other competitors in our industry! 

The dedication to room design is honestly what makes our escape room experience come alive; producing an immersive experience that you, your friends, and family will discuss for years! 

Some of Alcatraz’s beautifully designed escape rooms even provide the option to add live actors! Providing an exhilarating 60 minutes of clue hunting and puzzle solving!

Escape Rooms Open During Coronavirus?

If you are looking for a night out with family, friends, or planning a special date night with someone extraordinary, your options may be limited due to the coronavirus. With the uncertainty of coronavirus, many people feel locked in their homes assuming they can’t go anywhere. Fortunately, escape rooms are an exciting and safe entertainment option for a night of fun.  Alcatraz Escape Games is fully open by booking in advance with our Online Booking system!

Private Escape Room Experiences

At Alcatraz Escape Games, every game is private, so you will never have to interact with strangers. The move to private escape rooms also allows you to enjoy your time with people you trust and feel comfortable with during Covid-19.

Our online booking software also ensures you can book an escape room in the comfort of your home while avoiding long lines and tight spaces with strangers.

Avoid Covid With Online Escape Room Booking

Since our Escape Rooms are scheduled online, which provides an extra level of protection, you can rest easy knowing we made it easy to have a fun night out. This new system makes escape rooms a great way to get some entertainment back into your life without worrying about being around others you don’t know. All while providing extra precautions to ensure your safety within our facility!

An Exciting Night Out For Couples, Friends, & Families

Escape rooms are not hard to explain and are perfect for couples looking to break the ice for the first time. You typically have 60 minutes to discover clues, solve puzzles and escape a themed room before time runs out. There are plenty of escape rooms to choose from at Alcatraz Escape Games, and once you are immersed in the game, the stresses of the outside world melt away. More importantly, you’ll have a fantastic experience to talk about afterward with your date!

The best dates are unique, and Escape Rooms are no exception! Even if you could go to a theater, we bet staring at a screen is probably not the way you envisioned your time out with your date or friends! Escape rooms put you in a situation where you have to work to complete a mission, discussing and engaging with each other.  Many first time daters also use Escape Rooms as a way to gauge compatibility with their partners! 

Escape Rooms Are Conversation Starters

A conversation doesn’t come easy for many individuals! Especially when you first start dating someone. Good conversations often come out of solving and working together towards a common goal.  If you often find yourself struggling to find topics of discussion, escape rooms are perfect for helping you escape those dreaded awkward silence moments!  You can’t run out of things to say when you are both working to solve a problem and exit a room. You can even say escape rooms demand that you communicate with one another. Beating an escape room game will also give you tons to discuss over dinner and, hopefully, future dates!

Are Escape Rooms Safe During Covid-19?

Yes! Alcatraz Escape Games is probably one of the safer venues to visit when looking to hang out during covid!  If you are looking for a safe night out during Covid-19, book your next escape room today. 

We make safety a high priority by cleaning and disinfecting after every game. The real value of Escape Rooms in our current moment is that you only play with people you know and trust! This is why we have had so many repeat customers this year.  If you have questions or would like to book a family or friend event, contact our team today to assist you!

Book Your Next Escape Room Date With Alcatraz Escape Games Today!

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