4 Ways Escape Rooms Enhance Your Mental Health

Exhausted after a long workday or responsibility-filled weekday? Head on over to Alcatraz Escape Games! Escape rooms are known to help your mental health. They not only relieve stress through productive, mind-enhancing activities, but they also improve your overall mental health. Studies show that puzzles force players to use both sides of their brain, directly affecting their mental clarity and helping the brain stay sharp. So if you are feeling like your mind is running on fumes lately, a visit to Alcatraz Escape Games might be the answer to give you back the mental clarity you need to start off the new week! Here are four ways escape rooms can enhance your mental health:

Better Memory

While you might know that you need to exercise your body, did you know that it is also important to exercise your mind? When you are solving puzzles (like escape rooms), you are also reinforcing current connections between our brain cells, also known as neurons. This means that you are ultimately enhancing the speed of our thought processes. More specifically, puzzles help improve your short-term memory. So, if you can’t remember what you had for lunch yesterday, a puzzle can help with that!

Improved Problem Solving

Puzzles are a great way to build confidence and strengthen persistence, as well as open-mindedness and flexibility. Logically, puzzles are a great way to improve your problem-solving skills. Why? Because as you work out exactly what a question is asking, discard any “red herrings,” and try various positive tactics until one works, you are training your brain to take a strategic and resilient approach to solving problems. If you are feeling like you need to train your brain to change perspectives when something doesn’t work, give escape rooms a try. They create the perfect situations where you are encouraged to take a step back, recalibrate, and try again!

Enhanced Mood

Feeling like your mood is lacking lately? Try escape rooms! No, really! Puzzles are known to increase the production of dopamine, a neurotransmitter that regulates mood, memory, and concentration. As you solve puzzles throughout an escape room, you start feeling good to have achieved something, which translates to your brain feeling satisfaction and releasing more dopamine. This ultimately results in a better mood overall!

Better Attention to Detail

When solving puzzles, it is key to pay attention to each and every detail. You need to train your eyes to find even the most minuscule of clues in order to succeed. The ability to capture small details can help you in most aspects of life, especially at work. Naturally, escape rooms help you be more detailed and precise, making the quality of your work improve.

Mental puzzles are not only good for the brain, they are also great opportunities to bond with family and friends! So go ahead and book a session at Alcatraz Escape Games, where you can get your fix of weekend fun while exercising your brain! From escaping the evil wizard’s curse in Wizard Hysteria to fleeing the electric chair in The Row, who said you can’t make mental exercises fun? Book your escape room here.

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