4 Reasons Why Escape Rooms Are Perfect for Kids

Are you racking your brain looking for something a little different to keep the kids entertained this weekend? Try an escape room!
Filled with puzzles, clues, and immersive stories, escape rooms are a great activity for parents to introduce team building and brain training exercises to their children and teens in a fun, unique way. Here are 4 reasons why escape rooms are perfect for kids:

1. Escape rooms help develop critical thinking skills

If you want kids to learn while having a blast try an escape room! Escape rooms aren’t designed to be “easy” or to be quickly completed. For kids to crack the puzzles and escape, they must think critically and make important decisions to move forward. It is a special way for your children to sharpen their soft skills naturally outside of the classroom environment.

2. It stimulates teamwork and communication

Communication is key for creating a stress-free family environment. However, communicating is easier said than done, especially when it comes to speaking with children. Escape rooms are a great way to help encourage communication and teamwork. From communicating encrypted messages to solving a jigsaw puzzle together, families can learn how to function as a team and kids can learn how to collaborate with their siblings.

3. It builds individual confidence

From what they are having for breakfast to their sleeping schedule, children are rarely allowed to make their own decisions. So, how exactly can children hone their decision-making skills and be confident in how they traverse the world? This is where escape rooms can come in handy! An escape room is filled with decision-making situations such as deciding who will focus on what puzzle and whether or not you should move on to the next clue. By forcing children to make their own decisions, you are better preparing them for the outside world and making them even more confident adults!

4. Escape rooms make learning fun and engaging

Bringing children to an escape room environment is a fun way to show them that learning can be fun and engaging! It is a known fact that kids retain information better when they participate in a hands-on learning experience rather than by being lectured to. Bringing your children to an escape room gives them a chance to practice math, make observations, use logic, and do some puzzle-solving without being in a rigorous classroom setting – all while being in a fun and interactive environment!

Children are excellent at having fun! In fact, it is a job they are sometimes much better at than adults. An escape room can be a great way to get outside of your family routine and have some much-needed fun. Ready to give your kiddos an unforgettable experience? At Alcatraz Escape Games, we have experience with all different group dynamics and are happy to help you create and plan the most exciting family activity you have always dreamed of!

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